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International Association of Trichologist 3 Day Hair Practioners Certificate Course


Course Overview

This 3 day hands on training is designed for individuals who are associated with the hair industry and want more in-depth knowledge of the hair, how it is affected by chemical processes and finally, information about some common hair loss problems.  

The first part of this course is designed to provide you with a working knowledge of the physical and chemical processes of the hair and scalp.  We will then discuss how chemical processes to the hair can lead to hair breakage. 

Next we will discuss the most common hair loss problems that can affect the hair.  

Upcoming Session


01-26th, 27th and 28th 2020

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Course Objective:

The course objective is to give you some basic knowledge about the hair and scalp so that you can then understand how internal and external factors can cause hair loss and hair breakage.  

After completing the course you will sit the supervised exam.  You will then receive your Certificate via Priority mail

Whats Included

Course material includes printed text manual, a flash drive that contains the course text, 6 lecture

Course material includes printed text manual, a flash drive that contains the course text, 6 lectures by David Salinger as well as photo's and diagrams.  You will receive your course package 4 weeks prior to your 3 day hands on training in an effort to set the foundation for what you will learn in class.  You will receive this package via Priority mail once at least 50% of your tuition is paid.

Lessons covered are as follows:

Lesson 1:   Functions & Structures of the skin

Lesson 2:   Glands of the skin

Lesson 3:   Chemistry & Physiology of the hair

Lesson 4:    Nervous & Circulatory Support System

Lesson 5:    Amino Acids & Bonds in the hair

Lesson 6:    PH

Lesson 7:    Cystine, Cysteine & Permanent Waving

Lesson 8:    Coloring and Decoloring

Lesson 9:     Diffuse Hair Loss

Lesson 10:  Genetic Hair Loss in Men & Women

Lesson 11:  Microscopy

Lesson 12:  Scarring Alopecia

Bonus Classes


  • Clinical Training with volunteer clients
  • Health Analysis and its importance in consultations
  • ​What should be included in a client intake form
  • Free Copy of my book "Activate Your Hair Follilces" A comprehensive guide to solving your hair loss and scalp problems.


Tuition Investment

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


3 Day hands on training

Continental Breakfast daily

Lunch daily

Bonus package

*a portion of your payment (up to $250 ) can be credited toward the full Trichology Certification Course should you decide to continue your studies.

About your instructor

Tracie has been in the beauty industry for over 26 years.  She's a IAT Certified Trichologist and Licensed Cosmetologist.  She taught cosmetology for many years at Riverside Community College.  She's also a published author and Hair Loss Clinic and Salon Owner.  Tracie's purpose in life is to utilize her God given gifts and talents to inspire others to fulfill their wants, needs or goals.  To listen, encourage, motivate and assist them in reaching their desired end.

In this class she is dedicated to making sure you take your skillset in the beauty industry to the next level that will increase your knowledge in the hair loss industry as well as increase your profit margin.

There are over 800 million people in the United States a lone that suffer from hair loss.  They need and are waiting for you.  Let's Make It Happen!


How to Effectively Transition from Cosmetology to Trichology

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3 Customized Training Sessions on how to:

Transition From Cosmetology to Trichology


A comprehensive guide to help with solving your hair loss and scalp problems.  This book was written to help men, women and children with hair loss and scalp problems.  In this book you will discover different types of hair loss and scalp problems, their clinical features and if there are treatment options.  The book also include real case studies.  Some of the chapters included in the book are:  Who to contact for what and when, Is your health causing your hair loss and Don't be fooled.  

Have you ever heard of a Trichologist or what one does?  This book will answer that question for you.  

​Who should buy this book?  Who was it written for?  Well if your a stylist it's excellent for you and your clients will thank you for adding it to your collection of tools.  If your a Trichologist or other Hair Loss professional then you know how important it is to have many tools to use as reference when seeing hair loss clients so you can add this book to your collection.  

This book has real case studies on hair loss and scalp problems and insights on how to treat them.  If your a dermatologist this book is a great tool for you to have in your reference library as well.  It will assist with your hair loss clients and aid in providing them hope.  If your a layperson suffering from hair loss or scalp problems the book no doubt will be beneficial to you.  After reading it you will know exactly where to start to find help and treatment.  

Activate your hair follicles is a great reference tool to help identify hair loss and scalp problems.


Activate Your Hair Follicles

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card